Students will learn the skill of:

  • Think, Feel, Do – the ability to connect to your inner voice, recognize the feelings in your body, and use this information to help decide what to do (resolve a problem). This skill encourages autonomy, builds confidence, and connects children to listening to their intuition.
  • Stranger Smarts, defines the concept of stranger from a non-threatening point of view and teaches abduction prevention skills.
  • My Body is Special, consists of the book reading of My Body is Special and Belongs to Me, with a follow up lesson on Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch, and defining private parts as the parts of the body that are covered by your bathing suit.
  • Digital Safety teaches students that some personal information needs to be kept private and not shared online. 

Preview Think, Feel, Do

Students are introduced to “Think, Feel, Do” concepts. “Think” uses the mind (inner safety voice) to identify a problem. “Feel” is the body’s reactions to those thoughts. “Do” is taking actions to resolve the situation. Essential learning includes recognizing when to use “Think, Feel, Do” in various situations and applying these skills to make safe and smart choices.


4-6year olds


4 Weeks duration

$20 For 4 weeks

3x per week over 4 weeks


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