The students will use the previous learned skills of Safety Voice, Circle of Safe Adults, and Think, Feel, Do. 

Students will learn:

  • to recognize the difference between a Safe Touch and an Unsafe Touch. 
  •  be introduced to healthy body boundaries and understand that they have private parts and the right to keep their bodies safe.
  • practice how to access help when needed.
  •  two types of secrets with the use of the Secrets Checklist, that Bad Secrets are the types of secret that need to be told.
  •  introduces the topic of boundaries and consent, they will learn how to give, refuse, and ask for consent in everyday situations.
  • Digital Safety, teaches 4 rules for navigating the internet safely.


Preview Safe Touch Unsafe Touch

Students recognize the difference between a Safe Touch and an Unsafe Touch. Children learn that everyone has private parts, that their bodies are special and belong to them, and what constitutes safe and unsafe touches.  Students apply “Think, Feel, Do” in a subtle scenario. Essential learning includes understanding respect for their own body, enforcing personal body boundaries, and consent. Students practice accessing help if they receive an unsafe or confusing touch.


4-6year olds


4 Weeks duration

$20 For 4 weeks

3x per week over 4 weeks


Help us educate more children in personal safety!

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