Digital Safety builds a strong sense of digital responsibility and clarifies healthy choices in the digital world. Using previously learned personal safety skills, students will learn the 4 Rules for Online Safety and apply them to their own use of the internet.

Digital Dangers introduces the students to various challenges and dangerous situations they might encounter while online. These include cyberbullying, online predators, and inappropriate content. Students will learn how to spot Red Flags -warning signs that something might not be safe online. 

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Learning, connecting with others and having fun online is a permanent part of our children’s lives, and they need to know how to guard their personal safety in the digital world.  Students learn four personal safety rules to use while online. Essential learning includes understanding how to respond when an unwanted, confusing, or dangerous situation happens.  Scenarios help students incorporate using the rules in everyday and challenging situations they encounter online.


4-6year olds


4 Weeks duration

$20 For 4 weeks

3x per week over 4 weeks


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