Students will be introduced to the first two skills of Stay KidSafe! – Safety Voice and Circle of Safe Adults

  • Safety Voice at this level is the beginning of assertiveness practice and accessing help when needed. Students will be introduced to the concept of Inner Safety Voice – their internal voice that helps you make safe and smart choices.
  • Circle of Safe Adults, introduces students to the concepts of trusted adults and accessing help. These lessons are taught through animations, discussion, role-play, drawing, and interactive activities.
  • My Body is Special lesson consists of the book reading of My Body is Special and Belongs to Me, with a follow up lesson on Safe Touch and Unsafe Touch, and defining private parts as the parts of the body that are covered by your bathing suit.
  • Digital Safety – introducing children to the concept of private information and making safe and smart choices online just like you do in the real world. 

Preview Safety Voice

Students are introduced to rules for personal safety and become empowered to use their Safety Voice to help keep themselves and their friends safe. They also learn to trust their inner Safety Voice and use it for safety and confidence. Essential learning includes understanding what their Safety Voice is, and how to use it to make safe choices in unwanted, threatening situations. 


4-6year olds


4 Weeks duration

$20 For 4 weeks

3x per week over 4 weeks


Help us educate more children in personal safety!

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