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Circle of Safe Adults

Think about the grown-ups that your child trusts, who take care of them and keep them safe. Are those the same grown-ups that your child will think of?

Discuss with your child and use the worksheet to have them color picture of the grown-ups they trust and can talk to about anything. Help them write specific labels for their grownups.

Before your child gets started ask them to think about:

  • Who would you talk to about something exciting or happy?
  • Who would you go to for help or to talk about something that made you sad or worried?
  • Who would you talk to if you had a fight with a friend, or a had bad dream?
  • Who would you tell if someone gave you a touch that made you feel uncomfortable?
  • Who would you go to if you saw something online that confused you?

A grown-up is someone they can trust and will be there for your child, they can talk to about anything, know them well, keep them safe and live nearby or can access them easily.

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