Creating a Culture of Safety and Transparency

Educated staff means safer camps for children. Designed by our team of child safety experts, the CampSafe® curriculum is designed to prevent child sexual abuse by training staff and volunteers on essential skills. CampSafe® training promotes compassion toward campers and creates a culture of safety. Staff are trained to have a foundational knowledge of child sexual abuse and the ability to recognize a camper in need and respond with confidence.


The CampSafe® training consists of two components:

CampSafe for Directors is a comprehensive training for camp directors and the leadership team. The director training includes modules on: screening, interviewing, and background check protocol; child protection policy and procedures; supervising through a sexual abuse prevention lens; a comprehensive follow-up training for staff during pre-camp; links to state resources; example scripts and ice breakers for staff to utilize with campers to establish healthy boundaries; sexual harassment; letter to parents and staff; post testing for certification.

CampSafe® - Is an online, interactive prevention training course designed for camps and out-of-school programs. The goal of this training is for all staff - including counselors, administrators, supervisors, owners, dining, health, maintenance, volunteers, and board members - to arrive at camp with the same strong foundational knowledge of child sexual abuse prevention, awareness, and protocol. It is created with young staff in mind - filled with interaction, audio in English and Spanish, scenarios presented through 3D animation, and easy for everyone to navigate.

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200 - 349 users $700
350 and above users $850

Director CampSafe Training


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