What is CampSafe®?

CampSafe® is an online training designed to protect campers by providing camp leadership and staff with the awareness and knowledge needed to prevent child sexual abuse. Send the message that your camp has a zero-tolerance policy and integrate the beKidSafe concepts into your camp’s culture of safety.

Educated Staff equals Safer Camps!

Designed with young staff in mind (ages 18 – 26), the curriculum empowers caregivers with a level of confidence around the topic, without instilling fear.

With CampSafe®, your staff will begin camp with the skills needed to keep children safe! 


The CampSafe® training consists of two components:

CampSafe for Directors is a comprehensive training for camp directors and the leadership team. The director training includes modules on: screening, interviewing, and background check protocol; child protection policy and procedures; supervising through a sexual abuse prevention lens; a comprehensive follow-up training for staff during pre-camp; links to state resources; example scripts and ice breakers for staff to utilize with campers to establish healthy boundaries; sexual harassment; letter to parents and staff; post testing for certification.

CampSafe® – Is an online, interactive prevention training course designed for camps and out-of-school programs. The goal of this training is for all staff – including counselors, administrators, supervisors, owners, dining, health, maintenance, volunteers, and board members – to arrive at camp with the same strong foundational knowledge of child sexual abuse prevention, awareness, and protocol. It is created with young staff in mind – filled with interaction, audio in English and Spanish, scenarios presented through 3D animation, and easy for everyone to navigate.

Cost: based upon number of users:
1 – 49 users $275/year
50 – 199 users $550/year
200 – 349 users $700/year
350 and above users up to 1000 $850/year

New To CampSafe®?

Already Using CampSafe®?


How much does CampSafe® cost?
The price range for CampSafe® is: 1 – 49 users, $275/year, 50 – 199 users, $550/year, 200 – 349 users, $700/year, 350 and above up to 1000, $850/year. The price includes the Director training plus the CampSafe training for the camp staff.
Is CampSafe just for overnight camps?
No, the CampSafe training can be utilized by day and residential camps, youth serving organizations, parks and recreation programs, and out of school time programs.
Do  I purchase one subscription for my entire staff?
Yes, the subscription covers both the Director and staff trainings.
How long is the training for my staff?
The training for your staff is approximately 40 minutes.
Is there a test at the end of the training?
Yes, there is a knowledge quiz at the end of the training.
Do my staff receive a certificate at the end of the training?
All staff that receive a passing grade (80% or above) on the knowledge quiz will receive a CampSafe certificate, valid for that summer, that can be downloaded.
Do all of my staff take the training?
Yes, to earn your CampSafe® trained badge for your camp, all staff including counselors, support staff, dining, maintenance, volunteers and administration take the training.
How will I track my staff’s progress?
You will designate one person from your leadership team (or yourself) to be the Group Leader for your CampSafe account. In the Group Leader dashboard you will be able to see the progress of all staff.
Do I have to take the Director training?
Yes, the Director takes the CampSafe Director Certification training before staff are provided with the CampSafe training. It is recommended that the camp leadership team take the CampSafe Director Certification training as well.
Can I try the training before I purchase it?
There is a money back guarantee within 7 days of purchase for one user.
How long is the certificate valid?
The certificate is valid for one year.
Do I need to use a specific web browser?
Chrome works the best for the training platform.
Will I get something I can place on my camp website to promote that we are CampSafe® trained?
Yes, you will receive a CampSafe Trained badge to display for parents, caregivers and staff.
I’m not receiving e-mails from beKidSafe, what can I do?

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