About Us

Who We Are

With beKidSafe, powered by Center for Child Counseling, we are building the capacity of educators, professionals, and the community to promote child safety, resilience, and well-being.

All children deserve to grow up safe from abuse. Our goal is to help adults who work with children learn how to keep them safe through effective strategies that prevent abuse, build safety and communication skills, promote positive relationships, and identify risk early. We are dedicated  to transforming the lives of children, families, schools, and communities through education that is easily accessible, offering reliable information developed by our team of child development and safety experts.

Our Mission

Our goal is to create trauma-aware adults within our homes, schools, and communities who recognize and stop childhood trauma and abuse in its tracks and are part of the healing process to ensure children grow healthy in mind and body. Adults, just like children, need to learn how to communicate safety awareness and skills to children.

When you foster open discussions with students and the children in your care, you teach them that coming to a trusted adult will keep them safe. This helps build the skills and resilience needed later in life.

Our Impact

Students Empowered to Report Abuse
Adults Empowered to Protect Kids

Our Core Values

Our values are born from love, family, opportunity, and ingenuity. We believe in:
  • A Way of Being with Children: The open and trusting nature of children is precious, calling us to nurture and respond to their needs through informed and thoughtful choice of our actions and words.
  • A Trauma-Informed Focus: We work to understand, prevent, and heal the impact of trauma on children’s health and relationships, building communities of awareness, equity, and action to address adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and trauma.
  • Fighting on the Frontline: We pledge to support children in their most vulnerable moments as trusted first responders to family and community crisis.
  • Healing and Resilience: We exist to bring healing to children and family generations, building their resilience and strength to end cycles of suffering; likewise, we promise to care for our healers in their dedication and service to others.
  • Modeling Success: Our goal is to deliver success to our community and others through teaching, training, and replication of a proven approach to mitigating ACEs and trauma.
  • Relentless Initiative: We are shaping the field by encouraging forward-thinking and out-front leaders who transform our practice with intelligence, heart, and integrity.