Fostering open, safe spaces, and relationships.

Adults who teach and work with children require an array of skills and strategies to promote their resilience, safety, and emotional wellbeing. When we foster open, safe spaces and relationships for students, we teach them that coming to a trusted adult will protect them. Positive adult relationships also buffer the impact of stress and adversity, promoting mental health and resilience.

Stay KidSafe!™ for Educators

This one-hour self-guided online training for educators, is included in the Stay KidSafe! program. It provides a strong foundation in child sexual abuse and human trafficking prevention that empowers staff in children's safety. The training covers: how to recognize children at risk for abuse; professional protocol in education; exact mandated reporting procedures; and how to respond to exposure.

SchoolSafe for School Resource Officers

This one-hour, self-guided online training provides school resource officers, police force and detectives, and community police representatives with awareness of the pervasiveness and long-term impact of child sexual abuse. Participants learn how to recognize the characteristics of an abused child, understand the grooming process of offenders, learn how to respond in the instance to a child's disclosure, what to say and do to ensure the child's safety, and mandated reporting

Cost: $10 per user