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What is CampSafe®?

The CampSafe® training for staff, is an asynchronous, interactive online training provided to your staff upon hiring – before camp.

The goal of this training is for all staff, including counselors, administrators, supervisors, dining, health, volunteers, and board members to arrive at camp with the same strong foundational knowledge of child sexual abuse prevention and awareness. It is created with our young adults in mind (18 to 26), for them to take the topic seriously, but not instill fear. Our philosophy is to empower caregivers in all settings with a level of confidence around this topic, therefore better protecting our staff and campers. (The training takes approx. 40 minutes to complete.) The course has pre and post testing and certification.

To view the CampSafe brochure, click here.

CampSafe for Directors includes:

  • A comprehensive training for camp directors and their Child Protection Team

The training modules include:

  • Screening, interviewing and background check protocol
  • Child protection policy and procedures
  • Supervising around the issues of child sexual abuse prevention
  • In person follow-up training to provide during Pre-camp week
  • Links to state resources
  • Establishing healthy boundaries ice breakers for counselors/campers
  • Sexual harassment
  • Letters to parents and staff
  • Pre and Post Testing for certification

Money back guarantee within 7 days of purchase.

The cost for the training includes both the CampSafe for Directors as well as the CampSafe for Staff trainings (subscription runs from  October – October).

Director CampSafe Training


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Number of staff members

1 to 49 staff members, 50 to 199 staff members, over 200 staff members


4-6year olds


4 Weeks duration

$20 For 4 weeks

3x per week over 4 weeks

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