Preventing Child Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers

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Child Sexual Abuse is a topic that is difficult to discuss as it may be emotional, uncomfortable, and overwhelming to wrap one’s head around.

However, it is crucial as caregivers to learn what child sexual abuse is in order to be aware of possible warning signs and risk factors. Understanding this also allows us to find ways to prevent and protect children from it as well as buffer them from the potentially traumatic impact that it can have.  

In this free, 45-minute workshop, you will learn the definition of child sexual abuse, the facts about it, ways to prevent it, some possible signs that a child may be experiencing sexual abuse as well as techniques to provide support and buffer the impact of that trauma for children.  

Workshop Objectives:

  • Broaden one’s understanding of what constitutes child sexual abuse 
  • Understand the prevalence, risk factors and warning signs of sexual abuse 
  • Learn easy-to-implement tips and techniques to prevent child sexual abuse  
  • Learn helpful ways to respond when sexual abuse is suspected or confirmed
  • Receive information regarding local and nationwide crisis resources and supports