Termination in Play Therapy

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Termination is a crucial aspect of any therapy process and can be difficult for both client and therapist. However, when done successfully, the end of therapy can be a positive experience with a long-lasting impact on both the client and therapist. Termination of therapy is an opportunity for closure and for the client and therapist to review the personal growth that has unfolded over the course of treatment.

Termination of services with children in a Play Therapy setting can also be more challenging as children may experience termination differently compared to adult or teenage clients due to multiple factors including but not limited to their developmental stage, past and current experiences, environmental factors, and relationships they have with other adults in their lives. The termination process can be particularly difficult and triggering for child clients who have experienced prior loss, trauma, or other adverse life experiences. Termination may bring up feelings related to these past adverse or traumatic experiences, especially prior experiences with loss and grief.

Therapeutic work with children should always involve working with caregivers of the children. Therefore, terminating the therapy process includes terminating the relationship with the client and the client’s caregivers. Play Therapists, even if only working with younger individuals, should have the knowledge and skills to successfully end the therapy process with both children and adults.


  •    * Describe the importance of proper termination in Play Therapy.
  •    * Identify procedures of ending the Play Therapy experience.
  •    * Explain the process of terminating therapeutic relationship between clients and therapists in the playroom.
  •    * List at least 3 termination activities to use in Play Therapy.